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Welcome to the HELLOPETER.CO  

Easy name to remember, just drop the M at the end.

My name is Peter-John Krauspe, and I have been successfully self employed for over 24 years. I have created this website so as to share my successful internet opportunities with others.

All systems on this site have paid and do pay me money, however if you see a * after the system name, they would be my favorites right now.


This website is about a lot of HYIP -

High Yeild Income Programs

Only invest what you can afford to lose. Never invest rent, bonds or accounts / bills money. Do your own research & take full responsibility for your own investment decisions.

Divide across several platforms to reduce risk. Never put your eggs in one basket. Any business can be closed down no fault of the owner or operators.

Re-invest / Compound your investments only after you have recouped your initial investment. Using house money is a risk free way to make money.

The truth about making money online like with any other business you either need seed capital or you need to learn how to sell products. Selling products is made easy because you don't have to know everything about the product all you need is to find someone interested as you were, to then look at presentations and product info from that respective products social groups and websites. Everything is done for you.

There is no reason that anyone can not make a success of making money online, with or without capital. See my list of free to start systems that need no capital to start.

  • For Each business opportunity
  • I supply as much info as I can including user groups 
  • Website links, Videos about each product, including good and bad stories.