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Although I have not lost money, this company has slowed down to no longer working for me, that is why it's here. There was a time it did very well for me.

Crypto Agent Bot

I found a simple to use trading platform with no knowledge required. 

I have been told that with 1 Bitcoin in your trading account, and with compounding your investments and following the signals, making 2-5% profit per day on your 1 BTC you can grow the 1 BTC to 1000 BTC within 365 days. 

I started with Crypto Agent Bot on the 2nd November 2017 and 2 months later had made 180% on my investment. From 2 BTC I now have 5.7 BTC .

I have started a new year now with a clean slate and am existed as tomorrow the 3rd January 2018 trading starts again. Watch the videos below and make your own mind up.

This is live starting from 2018 with my net-worth being @ 5.7 BTC or $79655.85


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