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I joined and deposited 1.709BTC into Dash (best return at present) within Genisis Mining on the 5th of July 2017. Using the calulator shown in Kip's presentaiton, break-even is in around 135-150 days, thereafter it's all profit for 2 years. You can also mine BTC on a lifetime contract. Check out my wallet for daily profits on this system. I went all out after hearing over a long time form many other people making money on Genesis that this is a real company with a stable lifetime return. It is a long term investment although you get paid daily into your wallet. See what my Sponsor Kip has to say about using Genesis. To get a 3% discount on your purchases use my code, OQqXP2 and let me know via a private message how much on what you invested and I will try recipricate as I re-invest from my profits. This way we helping each other.