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Join me in IX - with artificial Intelligence using automated arbitrage


This product allows you to earn crypto just by storing crypto in your secure wallet

Introduced to me by Crypto Agent Bot - in which I have been extremely successful for a very long period of time trading Crypto Alt Coins. This product is 100% free to start and is a 100% automated system using artificial intelligence providing arbitrage between exchanges on our behalf. Introduce others or deposit any amount you would like into you secured personal wallet provided for free. You can withdraw any amount when ever you wish as well. Download a full presentation here

See how it works in action here!!

Arbiter is a fully automated entity and IX is focused on enhancing it’s trade effectiveness by uploading vast amounts of trading statistics to it's neural center. IX offers us 9 to 20.5% monthly interest depending on HOLD Balance categories

Check out this well explained video on profits to be made with this system in the video below by Stuart Grunert.

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This is just the beginning.(Only 5000 users in the World)

Limited tokens!You cant buy IXT token nowhere, And after sell tokens is Burn, and not come back to the system , 10 millions Supply only, and not possible dump and pump because not listing on exchange!!!

Who we are?

IX Wallet is an innovation among cryptocurrency wallets. This product allows you to earn profits by simply storing finds in the wallet. Main idea behind IX Wallet is to reinvent traditional saving system by utilizing modern technological advances and generate a distinctive passive income stream.  

 Simply said, IX Wallet is your new wallet for cryptocurrencies with zero commissions for deposits/withdrawals. Wallet features a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture to ensure complete security and transparency of transactions. Our Wallet supports 4 major crypto coins: BTC, BCC, ETH, IXT (IX Token). 

 Main principle is straightforward: Deposit money to account — generate passive income. This is called “profit sharing” concept and we offer 9 to 20.5% monthly interest depending on HOLD Balance category. However, it’s not the only way to turn profits. 

 Our IX WALLET is strongly dependent on IXT, an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency token.Total amount of tokens issued is 10 000 000, with price tag starting at $1(Now price 1.35usd) Whenever an IXT is sold, it’s burnt out and is not a subject for restoration. To prevent speculative actions, IXT will not be available at crypto exchanges. This way, IXT price can be regulated by supply and demand market principles fairly, making for another income stream. We are concerned that IXT price will grow up to 100$ subsequently as we launch IX ECOSYSTEM products.

 IX WALLET is brought to you by the Management and Development Team behind such projects as Stratis ICO, Binance and BNCEX, a team of individuals well experienced to create a real secure Decentralized Bank.

Currently our company is funded by the money earned from our operating project. Our R&D department have created unique product, a trading bot featuring arbitrary functionality. His main task is to deliver profitable arbitrage deals by thoroughly scanning stock exchange data and commencing trades(Buying lower price assets at company's A exchange, then selling assets for higher price at company's B exchange). One of main IX Arbiter's advantages lies deep within it's core design: our bot is built upon a wide neural network and capable of learning and self-improving. IX TEAM keeps source code encapsulated, thus giving investors ability to earn profits with Arbiter via IX Wallet. Our intentions with this revolutionary product are to make source code open to public after the main line of IX Ecosystem products is released(estimated 2QT 2020). From that point we’ll be willing to sell licensed copies to customers for personal use.


1. Why is Token’s source code concealed? Is it possible to monitor activity at Ethereum Blockchain? 

IX TOKEN is an ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency token, with smart contract operating at private Ethereum Blockchain. Our decision on concealment was made due to contract’s communications with other components, particularly System Blockchain, which contains vital data and therefore is completely secured to prevent fraud.

2. What is Company’s legal status and documents of activity?

IX Wallet’s activity does not require any legal documents and certificates due to the lack of regulations in cryptocurrency sphere. To proceed and keep expanding outside the Internet, to connect bank accounts to IX Wallet, our Lawyers are currently busy analyzing the most advantageous crypto jurisdictions. We’re considering a list of banks to become our official partners and provide offline customer services.

3. How is this level of profit possible to maintain?

IX Team is funded by our operating project, an arbitrary trading bot. Built upon a wide neural network, it features a unique ability to learn and self-improve. Arbitrary bot is available for use to all our partners via IX Wallet.

4. Competitors wallets feature functioning mobile apps already, when is IX Mobile App coming out?

We are fully concerned in the way we provide products to clients. Development process is created to ensure that our app is the most secure and comfortable to use. We have analyzed offers from competing companies and can state that almost none of the apps is included at Apple App Store or Google Play catalog, which is unacceptable for a crypto company.

5. IX Wallet is a very technologically advanced project and needs an experienced team to keep developing. What is the background of your developers?

We needed to acquire a team of professionals capable of constructing a system that will provide users with most advanced and secure crypto storage. Our team works completely remote - Israel, USA and China. 

Passive Income you will get until 2020 September (until only one million remain)

Company’s Main Developers:

a) Yang Li (System Architect). Asian American. previously worked at Binance, world’s leading crypto and fiat currency exchange platform;

b) Sergey Storojuk (Senior Blockchain Developer). Sergey is Ukrainian, but lives almost 10 last years in Israel. previously worked at Stratis, company that specializes in developing private blockchains for contractors;

c) William Clark (Product Manager) - He is also Asian American. BCNEX background gives him opportunity to build perfectly managed team and provide best products to market. 

6. What security measures IX Wallet features to prevent hacking?

Financial management system is developed using a private blockchain technology. Access to customer’s wallet is granted through private keys or email/password combination, all of the data is stored fully encrypted. There’s no possible way to get access to password using it’s database HASH, therefore even we are unable to get access to any account. IX Wallet features DDoS protection from Cloudflare and we’re currently working on 2 factor authentication, which is released next week.

Difference from other projects

Hey there, it`s Yang Li (@cryptomasterli) here. You always ask me - “What is the difference between IX Wallet and other cryptocurrency wallets?”. And I have decided to answer here. 

Principal advantages of IX Wallet:

📚 Easy-to-use website with full and comprehensible project info.

💻 IX Wallet Web version is fully accessible via iPad and PC, unlike other competitors/wallets/systems.

📲 Official wallet application will be published to the App Store, with no need to install any additional certificates and risk your device’s safety. Installing third-party certificates, like the ones used in SCF and CloudToken applications may result in safety breaches and private data leaks.

🌎 Official Whitepaper localizations to ensure fast expansion on international market.

System features IX Team’s own, developed from scratch cryptocurrency nodes that provide a way to perform crypto operations without utilizing third-party services.

📋 Long-term Roadmap with a broad line of products launched by the end of 2019 and clear strategy to maximize their profitability for the company and investors.

🔐 IX Dev Team has no access to Personal Account data, as it is encrypted using concealed private keys that are generated on an automated remote server.

💰 IX Arbitrage Robot is developed upon an advanced neural network that allows for a training process more efficient and generates twice as much revenue for IX HOLD-ers and team leaders than other competitor systems.

🙋‍♂️ Bounty Program is created specifically to fit team leader’s needs, bringing you the most profitable referral program on the market.

You cant buy IXT token nowhere, And after sell tokens is Burn, and not come back to the system , 10 millions Supply only, and not possible dump and pump because not listing on exchange