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SCAM - My Scam Report

Joined in March 2019 - Closed me down last week of July 2019, lost $1000 with profits never received $1850


Retirement Services Limited

I started with RSL in March 2019, but monitored the system before committing and have been on contact with other people who have been with the company for 3 - 8 years and more. Join their Facebook group and Whats-app group so as to ask questions for yourself.

The video below is not related to this system, but some training on what you should be doing for retirement.

So do your homework, ask questions and join the groups. Don't commit until you 100% sure you happy with any system.

I have found this UK registered company called Retirement Services Limited which has been running since 1971 – 45+ years already, and people I have spoken to directly have been in it for up to 8 years with only positive results reported. I joined there Facebook group which you can only do after signing up (no investment needed to sign up and investigate) and all looks very positive including lots of history and people to talk to. Believe to be a very secure company with good returns. I have made the smallest deposit I could because I can't live without some risk after doing so well for a while in Forex myself. I used some of my Bitcoin I had left and now watching it. Would like you to take a look and tell me your thoughts on this company.

I only started with this company on the 14th May after about 2 weeks of doing my own investigations. Weekly pay outs with daily growth, and compound options also weekly. On a minimum deposit of $1000 my return is at 6% per week, on their Crypto investments but note there is also a 10% service commission. Their best return is 14% weekly, but then you need a $10 000 min investment for their Company Shares Investment.

To join the Social groups is by invitation only, you are required to register for free, then ask your sponsor to arrange an invitation. 


Join me with Retirement Services Limited

They have 5 investment options


Growth Weekly

Min Deposit Required


5% Growth Weekly

$1 000


7% Weekly

$3 000


11% Weekly

$5 000


6% Weekly

$1 000


14% Weekly

$10 000


Please join and investigate as a challenge even if just to investigate as I did and not to invest but just to let me know if you can find any issues with RS-Limited (Retirement Service Limited.