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Scams and Dead systems

You need to understand that there are a lot of scams out there and I am the first to admit that I have lost a lot on scammers over the year. However I have also made a lot of Crypto systems, hence why I will never give up and try and weed out all the scammers. This may be the best place for you to start when investigating any system you would like to join.

Companies could also close down for many other reasons besides simply scamming people out of money, it could be someone dies, gets hacked and bitcoin stolen, or a country it is run from changes rules and closes them down.

This is why I keep telling people, don't take it personally, and diversify. Take what you have to lose, spread it across 5-10 platforms, get your capital out as quickly as possible, and then compound while drawing out a margin monthly.  

Should a system show they have a registered company in the UK, check up Companies House, search for owners, and see which other companies they are registered against, have picked up people who have scammed registering multiple companies.

Some Good websites to visit - please send me links of others.