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- It's totally Passive;
- 10 Year Old Legitimate Registered Company out of Dubai;
- No Recruiting Required;
- Realistic ROI - 1% per working day equates to 20% per Month;
- Earnings are paid from profits generated from legit outside revenue sources;
- Auto Compounding available to increase earnings to 400%+ per Year;
- Pays in Bitcoin and Payza;
- Generous Compensation Plan for Recruiters 
- Only ~$55 to Get Started - Use Bitcoin, Payza or 2Pay4You;
- Even Free Members can Earn by Recruiting Paid Members;
- The Return on Investment should be much higher since Bitcoin is predicted to Increase in Value ;
- Website is in 12 Languages.

I have been compounding my earnings so nothing was reflects in my wallet for a long while. I started with USI with 0.97905 BTC on 27th April 2017 buying me 24 BTC Packages. Today on the 1st October 2017, I have 92 Active packs, after withdrawing most of my capital back, I now receive 0.0186 BTC per day = R 33 480 per month.

I am going to use a strategy of re-invest 70% and draw 30% as the system gives a 40% return, but I also want to grow my profits.

Please don't join from YouTube but join FREE from my link on the top of this page.

USI-Tech, a Passive Income opportunity together with an optional Matrix revenue stream.

UST (United Software Technologies) is changing the playing field for people who are looking for a simple way to earn an incredible income from home without EVER needing to recruit one single person. Free Website, No Monthly Fees, No Auto-Ship and NO Sponsoring unless you want too. You will NOT be penalized for not being a sales person or recruiter, you get paid exactly the same way!

Usi-Tech - Turn 1 Bitcoin into 5+ Bitcoin without Recruiting or any Tasks...

Also watch a USI TECH behind the scenes interview. Rodney Burton interviewed the Master Distributor Mike Kiefer and Owner Horst Jicha, and asked the hard questions and get serious. Based on being in London a week with these guys and looking under the hood, they have my stamp of approval. We are in all the way and so should you. See you on the other side.

 Below is a video from Kip who I follow, and this is were I want to get to with USI-Tech - watch his stratigy